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social services

Social Services at the Rheintalklinik is for you as a patient, but also for your family, a partner who complements the medical, therapeutic and nursing care. We offer outside the medical field individual advice and assistance and have an open ear for your concerns and wishes.

Areas of social counseling:

  • Ensuring nachstationären care and counseling to benefits under the nursing care insurance;
  • Information on the topic of "Schwerbehindertenrecht" and application;
  • referral to further professional services and support groups;
  • current crisis intervention and conflict Resolution;
  • Presentation of the rehabilitation specialist service of the "DRV" in the house
  • Assistance with forms, for example, in initiating AD measures
  • Individual counseling on professional issues in direct cooperation with the nearby educational center "Centre for Vocational + Health" respect. Vocational rehabilitation under the MBOR as shown below.

In short words: We support you in personal and social problems that often occur in connection with an accident or illness and could have an impact on the further life. With methods of social work, we work together to find an individual solution.

Medical-occupationally oriented rehabilitation (MBOR)

The guiding principle of "Medical-vocationally oriented rehabilitation" (MBOR) is the orientation of medical rehabilitation to the demands of the workplace. In addition to "classic" medical rehabilitation It is a specific, tailored to the needs and requirements of working life in need of rehabilitation in power. In addition to the disease, the job situation is placed in the focus of treatment in particular.

Elements MBOR example, a special job training or group programs for professional behavior and experience (z. B. Stress management or conflict resolution in the workplace). The need of rehabilitation will be identified as part of the MBOR strategies that will help them to cope with the needs of your workplace. The MBOR is provided only in selected, especially specialized rehabilitation facilities.

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